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  • 1. Answers within 1 day

    We give advice and answer questions about the products within 1 day. After preparing the terms of reference for production, we will calculate the cost and draw up a contract also within 1 day.

  • 2. Development of new containers in our own design office

    To get started, all you need is a statement of work, a drawing, a 3D model, a sample, a photograph or a freehand sketch. Our engineers will turn a mental concept into a working project and develop the necessary container and packaging models.

  • 3. Delivery disruptions are excluded due to high-quality raw materials according to GOST

    We buy GOST-certified raw materials from trusted suppliers. Production interruptions due to poor quality materials or supply disruptions are excluded. Customers receive orders on time.

  • 4. Product control at each production site

    The product quality is monitored by the technical control department. Its employees take measurements, check products and check blanks against drawings and templates. Control begins with the receipt of materials at the warehouse and ends with the shipment of finished products to the customer.

  • 5. Repair and after-sales service

    We carry out service maintenance and repair of logistics containers. We help with advice on the use and technical support.

We meet deadlines, we work without subcontractors

We manufacture products without hiring subcontractors. The full-cycle production includes the manufacture of metal structures from blank to painting, polyurethane casting, sewing of heavy textiles, production of molds and vacuum thermoforming.


Risks of supply disruption are eliminated. The production of products is accelerated. Delivery of finished products on time is guaranteed

4 stepsfrom concept to product delivery


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